Build & Connect

Photography by The Ocean Agency

Build & Connect

The program focuses on training leaders of the MAR region with a market initiative that has the potential to improve the health and resilience of the MAR ecosystems and their surrounding communities. It provides training on different topics such as designing nature-based solutions, impact investment, leadership skills, and business model canvas..

The type of business ideas or projects must be nature-based solutions (NbS): actions that benefit human well-being and biodiversity by sustainably managing and conserving natural resources. The initiatives must have business potential and be ready to receive private investment in the short, medium, or long term; however, all ideas or projects are welcome regardless of the stage in which they are.

2023 Build & Connect FIRST COHORT

Meet the inspirational entrepreneurs selected for the 2023 Cohort of Build & Connect.

Artificial Wetlands | Mexico

This project aims to provide the tourism sector with an ecological wastewater treatment solution through artificial wetlands in the Yum Balam Flora and Fauna Protection Area and its surrounding communities of Chiquilá and Holbox.

Commercialization of Food Algae, Macroalgae | Guatemala

Create new business models to help fishermen transition into food producers through the commercialization of macroalgae.

Recycling for a circular economy | Mexico

Recycling and waste recovery to promote a circular economy, offer a sustainable solution for solid waste management in high-impact tourist areas with fragile ecosystems, primarily focusing on hotels and restaurants.

Regenerative Coral Restoration Tourism Strategy | Mexico

Recover Akumal Bays’ reef ecosystem through a sustainable coral restoration program and regenerative tourism, fostering environmental awareness and collaboration

Educational Monitoring of Reef Systems (MEDUSA) | Mexico

This project integrates electrolysis and mineral accretion technology with comprehensive coastal modeling, scalable modular reefs, and remote data monitoring for the conservation and monitoring of reef system

Tourism enterprises to Rebuild Coral Reefs | Honduras

The project promotes scientific tourism for the MAR restoration. Participants engage in a week-long expedition, learning about coral reproduction and conservation, participating in dives, and contributing to nursery maintenance.

Go Blue | Honduras

Enhance the value of cultural and natural heritage to build a resilient and sustainable local economy in MAR region marine-coastal protected areas.

Coral Reef Community Restoration | Mexico

A community-based reef restoration program involving highly trained divers in innovative, sustainable coral production techniques, creating new opportunities for coral restoration as a productive activity.

Connecting marine-coastal ecosystem services with innovative markets | Mexico

This project assesses the feasibility of generating carbon and biodiversity credits in the voluntary market to conserve the health of the MAR through an integrated strategy.

Playas Sin Sargazo | Mexico

The objective of the project proposes the use of specially designed machinery to address the sargassum issue in the coastal zone.

Sustainable financing Test Laboratory | Honduras

Sustainable financing for the management of protected areas through a Test Laboratory, will implement a self-sustaining environmental services laboratory for water quality monitoring around the island.

Women of the Sea and Ecotourism in Sian Ka'an | México

The cooperative commitment is to promote the conservation of marine ecosystems through the practice of non-extractive but recreational and educational economic activities

Lionfish Jewelry Market | Honduras

Promote economic development among women in Utila by creating sustainable souvenirs and jewelry made from the fins of the invasive lionfish, boosting the local economy and engaging the female community.

King Crab Mariculture | México

Create new business models to help fishermen transition into food producers through the commercialization of macroalgae.